Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the process work?

A: The process is simple. Contact Christine to schedule a free, no-obligation property evaluation. If your property is a good fit for our portfolio, Property Hounds will make an offer, free of contingencies and inspections*. Once we agree on a price, we can close in as few as 10 days! You collect your check at the closing table.

Q: How much will this cost me?

A: Property Hounds does not charge a commission or any fees. You will pay normal title transfer fees and that’s it!

Q: Does Property Hounds try to sell my property before closing?

A: No. Other companies claim to buy houses for cash but they try to sell your property before closing. If they can’t sell it, they don’t close on it. Property Hounds does NOT do that!

Q: Does Property Hounds purchase large properties?

A: Yes. We purchase single and multi-family properties regardless of size or condition.

Q: I’ve never heard of Property Hounds. Can I trust them?

A: Christine Mudd, the leader of Property Hounds has more than 17 years of real estate experience. She manages every transaction Property Hounds makes, from offer to closing.

Q: Do you require an inspection?

A: No. Property Hounds does not perform a building inspection* and does not require an occupancy or any other government inspection prior to closing. In fact, we most often only make one visit to your property and that is before we make an offer.

Q: Will my neighbors know?

A: We will not place a FOR SALE sign in your yard or list your property on the MLS. Property Hounds offers a completely discreet process that will not alert your neighbors or disturb your tenants.

Q: What if I’m behind on taxes or payments?

A: Your financial status is no problem for Property Hounds. Since all Property Hounds offers are for cash, you collect your money at closing in as little as 10 days. It’s that simple!

Q: What will happen to my property after you purchase it?

A: That depends on what’s needed. In some situations, we make improvements to the property and sell it. In other cases, we hold it for future need.

Q: How do I get started?

A: Contact Christine directly to get more information or to schedule a FREE, no-obligation property evaluation.


*In most cases.